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Publication Update: The Proofs Are Here!

It’s been only two weeks since we sent our manuscript to the printer, and today the proofs arrived!

Just yesterday the printer had asked about four of the images in the book. Since they were not at the recommended resolution for printing, the question was whether we would replace them, or continue with what we had submitted. As we reviewed the images, we decided only one picture might be a problem: a map of the division of Israel according to tribal territories. That potential problem was not enough to stop the process, so we asked the printer to continue with the manuscript as is.

That was yesterday morning. We didn’t expect to see the proofs until next week, so it was quite a surprise to see the smiling UPS man at my door this morning! As of this writing, Pete hasn’t had a chance to see his copy of the proof (that’s one advantage to working at home!), but I have done a quick review. Everything seems to be in order. And that questionable picture? As you can see, that particular image seems to have turned out quite nicely – even better than some of the higher resolution images!

We will take the weekend to review the proofs closely to see if there is anything that needs tweaking. Assuming all is well, the printer tells us the job will take about 4-6 weeks to complete. That means we’re now looking at mid- to late-January as the availability date. We’re a bit disappointed at not having Ten Parts in the King published this month, but perhaps it’s better that way. Now the book will come out after the holiday rush, and we have more time to plan a proper book launch.

Thanks again to everyone who has prayed for, contributed to, edited, and advised us on this project! We are so excited to be one giant step closer to having it done.

If you have any questions, please contact us at And, help us spread the word!

© Albert J. McCarn and Peter G. Rambo, 2017, all rights reserved.  For requests to use and/or duplicate original material on Ten Parts in the King send a request at the Contact Us page, or send email to

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