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Today, we are thankful!!!

J.L.G. Ferris, The First Thanksgiving

The journey is finally over, or more likely, it is just beginning!  But, today we are most thankful. Ten Parts in the King went to the printer yesterday afternoon!! In a few days we should have a proof copy in hand to take a quick final look at before the first print run of a scant 2500 copies is ordered.

Honestly, we thought the process would have gone much faster, but the Father’s time and measured steps have been evident at every turn as He has blessed us with

  • new and relevant information that improved the book,
  • numerous proof readers with loads of valuable suggestions and input,
  • editors who saw mistakes and typos we didn’t, and
  • prayer warriors who stood in the gap lifting this project.

If this book is successful, it will not be because we are special or have any real effect, but it will be because it is time and our Father desires this message in the hands of the many. My secret prayer is 100,000 copies peppering this continent. Pray that with me and watch the Father make some HUGE moves for the Kingdom!!

Today, we’ll relax and enjoy some turkey. We’ll fellowship with family and friends.  We may even watch some football, but mostly, I know Al and I will take a relaxed deep breath that the book is finished and we merely wait expectantly for the proof copy.  Next week, we can begin planning the book launch, promotions etc. Today, though, we are simply thankful for the great grace and mercy of our King and His timely provisions and blessings.

Chag Sameach Sukkot Jr. 😉

© Albert J. McCarn and Peter G. Rambo, 2017, all rights reserved.  For requests to use and/or duplicate original material on Ten Parts in the King send a request at the Contact Us page, or send email to

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