Table of Contents and Previews

What’s in this book? This is the place to find out! Check back here periodically for excerpts, including the vignettes interspersed between the chapters with additional material intended to round out the reader’s understanding of Israel’s tribes and their importance in the Almighty’s plan of redemption.

By way of introduction, here’s our Table of Contents:


List of Maps and Illustrations
1. When God Divides the House
2. House of Israel  ≠ House of Judah
3. A Tale of Twos
4. The Ten Tribes and the Two Tribes
. The Rabbis Were Right
6. One Kingdom, Two Destinies
7. Apostolic Expectations, Part 1: A Message for Two Brothers
8. Apostolic Expectations, Part 2: The Gospel of the Kingdom
9. Finding Israelite Identity in the New Covenant
10. One Seed
11. Frequently Asked Questions
12. Implications and Conclusions


“Pictured in a Parable” – excerpt from the Introduction