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Publication Update: The Ten Dollar Comma

Did you ever think that a simple punctuation mark could cost $10? We didn’t either. Then we took our plunge into the publishing industry!

Comma Chameleon courtesy of SnorgTees.

As we reviewed the proofs of Ten Parts in the King over the weekend, we found a few things that needed attention. It’s amazing what you miss after working for months on a manuscript! For example, everyone knows that you shouldn’t put a “v” in “rabbi,” but somehow we managed to do it. That’s just one of several typos and other corrections we found. We’re happy to say that there were not many, and that the most significant correction was rewriting one sentence that somehow got garbled in our many previous edits. Having satisfied ourselves with the results, we sent the corrections back to the printer on Tuesday. Now we’re simply waiting for news on when the job will be finished. Once we hear that news (and it could be any day now), we’ll be able to accept preorders through Key of David Publishing.

Now about that $10 comma. There is one place in the book where it seemed to make better grammatical sense to add a comma. Then we realized that every page we changed would add $10 to the total print cost. After thinking it over, we decided that such a price was a bit too much for a single piece punctuation mark! Besides, it’s more fun to let our readers make a game of it and see where that comma should have been. 

That’s the news for now! If you have any questions, please contact us at And, help us spread the word!

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