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Publication Update 
Ten Parts in the King is currently in the process of being re-released near the end of this year (2018) through We are even now working through the final copy editing. Our hope is to have the manuscript in the hands of the printer by the end of October. Most importantly, it will be available through Kindle for international distribution.  Watch this space for updates on our progress!

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Preorder a signed copy!!
Once the book is in the printer’s hands, we will be accepting preorders. This not only helps you, the reader, get the book as soon as it’s available, but it also helps defray the costs with promotional copies and shipping expenses. As we get closer to print, we will provide details on how to order your signed, first edition copy, and have an early opportunity to tell us what you think of the book – both here and on places like and


Soon to Be Released: Ten Parts in the King