Initial Reactions to Ten Parts In The King

Has it been six and a half weeks already??  The book launch for Ten Parts In The King was January 21, 2018 and it feels like forever ago.  Much has been happening and we are busier than ever with various projects and preparation to return to Israel.  Still, amid others sayingeverything, the book is quietly broadening its audience and we are hearing excited reports from many readers via email, Facebook shares/comments and direct personal reports.

Besides the comments in the side bar, here is a sample of what others are saying…

Just finished this book!  It was AMAZING! It helped me tremendously with some loose ends as well as gave me clarity on some ideas which had already been revealed to me through the Holy spirit. I highly, highly recommend this book!  I would love to share it as a study.  I think it could stand alone… …but was wondering if it might eventually have a leader guide which would help in teaching those who are new to the idea…  Chasity

Scott is not the only person who suggested a leader’s guide.  That is something we are actively praying about and considering how best to assemble.  So, keep your eyes out for this addition in the future.

Shalom, Pete.  ….you answered some of my husband’s questions and he asked if anyone had written a book about what we are doing and you kindly gave him a copy of (Repairing the Breach)…  ….I was trying to do some study trying to find the prophecies about the return of Israel/Ephraim to answer some of his questions. However, I found the perfect book for that.  Ten Parts In The King!  Now, we are having to take turns reading the book. Thank you for writing it…..  E. H.

And, from one of our editors,

Guess what arrived in the mail! Thank you! A very kind gesture—and it is beautiful! I’m humbled and honored to have been included in your project. And I’m very excited about how the Lord will use this book! May we all breathe deeply and savor the goodness and “awe-nor” of being chosen as scribes, mouthpieces, servants in the hands of our King. Delicious! ~ Anisa

In a lengthy Facebook review of the book, Brian Somers opined,

Al McCarn and Pete Rambo have collaborated together and wrote a book titled “Ten Parts in the King”, published by Key of David Publishing.
Al has written a previous book “Give Me A Place Where I May Dwell”. There is some overlap between the previous book and the book that I am presently reviewing. While “Ten Parts in the King” can be read as a stand alone volume, the interested reader may benefit from reading “Give Me A Place Where I  May Dwell” first. Briefly, the prior book is a manifesto calling for the rebirth of the Ephraimite Hebrew nation, much as Theodore Herzl’s “Der Judenstaat” did for the rebirth of the State of Israel. In this book, Al provides some action points.
Returning to the present volume under consideration, “Ten Parts in the King” is not intended to be a manifesto, but a book explaining history and prophecy to both Jew and Christian to put into historical and theological context the rebirth of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. While Hebrew Roots/Torah Observant/Two House Messianic Hebrews already know much of this material, for them, the authors’ purpose is to encourage them to walk in humility with respect to the Jewish members of the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It could be fairly said that the book is really aimed more at non-Torah-observant Christians and all types of Jews who are puzzled about the “sudden” (since 1967) interest in keeping the seventh day Sabbath, avoiding pork and shrimp, and keeping/guarding the mo’edim (the appointed Feasts of the Lord). Heartfelt concern for the peoples of the world is manifested by warning of Jeremiah’s prophecy (repeated at least twice, in 30:10-11 and 46:27-28) that the nations of the world would be destroyed and only the nation of Israel would survive and go into the Millennial Age, though much chastened.
Above, I alluded to the historical and theological context, and that is done by going all the way back to Jacob (renamed Israel after his wrestling match with the Angel of YHVH), and how he sowed the seeds. The authors have provided a high level view of the history and prophecy, and how these prophecies have been fulfilled within history. In addition, they have included some Jewish insights about these prophecies. Some of these prophecies have set out that the Ephraimite Northern Kingdom of Israel would be divorced and cut off from the nation for spiritual adultery and harlotry, and cease to be His people. But the prophets also said that the nation that was cut off would come back and rejoin the nation, now primarily the Jews.
Finally, and certainly not least, the authors demonstrate how some of the theological differences can be bridged not by Christians becoming Jews, nor by Jews becoming Christians, but by two groups standing side by side, becoming one nation based on the shared truths passed down by Moses and the prophets, and discarding the untruths that both groups have inherited.
Two topics raised in the book were identified as out of scope: 1) the significance of 2009 CE
2) why the Jews reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah
This book is recommended.
His thoughts echo much of what we are hearing from other readers who are finding this volume an excellent item to share with Christian friends who may be curious about the Torah awakening happening around them, but are not necessarily ready for a serious discussion about feasts, Sabbath or diet changes.
We are very excited about the reaction we are hearing, concerning Ten Parts In The King.  Because we have chosen not to place it on and intentionally funnel all sales directly through a Kingdom publishing company, Key of David Publishing, growth has been slower, but it is steady.  This is a testament to the strength and timeliness of the book’s message and your passion in sharing the message!  Thank you!

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