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Publication Update: Open for Business!

We have exciting news: Key of David Publishing is now accepting preorders for Ten Parts in the King!

Orders will be filled starting January 25, 2018, which means you can have it in your mail box very soon after that date!

This is the news we have been eagerly awaiting for a long time. Nine months, in fact. We started this project in mid-April, soon after we heard about Rivkah Lambert Adler’s book, Ten from the Nations. Rivkah inspired us to start working on this project which had been on our hearts for several years. Now, after nine months of labor and eager anticipation, we are at last able to announce the imminent birth of our literary baby!

Click on the button below to preorder your copy of Ten Parts in the King:

Will you be in the neighborhood of Greenville, South Carolina around January 21, 2018? That’s the date we’re considering for our book launch event. We’ll have an announcement about that as soon as we can get the details arranged. 

That’s the news for now! If you have any questions, please contact us at And, help us spread the word!

© Albert J. McCarn and Peter G. Rambo, 2017-2018, all rights reserved.  For requests to use and/or duplicate original material on Ten Parts in the King send a request at the Contact Us page, or send email to

2 thoughts on “Publication Update: Open for Business!

    1. Shalom David. Thanks for asking. Our friends at Key of David can ship overseas, but it will add quite a bit to the cost. You might want to contact them directly through this link:
      An email to Akpene Torku should get the answer you need.
      We intend to have an ebook available in a few weeks. Details on that will be announced as soon as we know them.


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