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Publication Update: To the Printer!

This is a very short update with some very important news: Ten Parts in the King is now in the hands of the printer!

We find the timing appropriate: just as Americans are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving (a feast which, by the way, has connections to Sukkot), we have another reason to be thankful for all the provision of our Creator. Not only have all the technical details been resolved, but the donations received have covered the cost of the first printing! Once again we offer our deepest thanks to our generous contributors. May the Lord return this blessing to you all many times over!

The next step is to receive the proof copies from the printer and review them for accuracy. Once we’re satisfied with the product, the print run begins, and we’ll know when the books will be available to the public. As that happens, we’ll also be able to start accepting preorders.

We do appreciate your continued prayers. Our hope is still to have the books in your hands before the end of the year. Even though we’re very close to the finish line, we still have a way to go. Every step thus far has been according to our Father’s timing and with His provision, and we expect nothing different as we enter this last stretch!

If you have any questions, please contact us at And, help us spread the word!

© Albert J. McCarn and Peter G. Rambo, 2017, all rights reserved.  For requests to use and/or duplicate original material on Ten Parts in the King send a request at the Contact Us page, or send email to

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